SteveMcNicholas is one of the UK's leading motivational speakers and creator of the SUCCESS Code®.

Steve works with leaders, teams and individuals who want to succeed. In business. In life. In both!

Unlocking the SUCCESS Code®

How to consistently achieve and succeed at work, in life and preferably in both!

Some Feedback......

"One of the best speakers I've seen in a long time, and I've seen quite a few! Inspires you to 'win' and backs it up with insight, humour and passion"
Peter Orr
MD, The Hillmond Group
"A powerful and inspiring speaker who adds emotional context to help bring his compelling evidence and his unique Success Code insights to life"
Chris Brindley MBE
Chairman and Non-Executive
"A transformative speech! Steve really forces you to reflect on your approach to objectives and goals and through his 'code', we're seeing a huge impact"
Rob Spiers
Commercial Director, Novo

Recent Clients include....

SUCCESS Code® Keynotes include....

What the Top 10% of Global Achievers Do That You Don't!

Uncover what the top 10% of performers know, do and apply daily that the vast majority of us just don't. Why the attributes of ownership, purpose, 'systemisation' and habit matter more to them than anything else in the pursuit of success and winning.

How 3 Brown Envelopes Can Shape Your Success in 2020

Discover the sequence of events over 30 years that led to the discovery of the 'blue-print' to professional and personal success and how you can use this 'blue print' to achieve and succeed - especially at those challenging 'brown envelope' moments!

Unlocking the SUCCESS Code®. Understand. Apply. Succeed!

Understand the decades of research behind the SUCCESS Code® and how by systematically applying each of the 7 'Code Blocks' in your routine, thinking and approach to goals, targets or objectives, you can achieve, win and succeed consistently.

"My passion is to inform, inspire and maximise the potential in all - by Unlocking the SUCCESS Code® to develop winners in business and life!"

Steve McNicholas

SUCCESS Code® Themes....

"There always seems to be an excuse or reason why we can't succeed!"
Blame and excuses cannot be allowed to flourish when success is required. Let’s deal with it by understanding and taking 'ownership' of choice, mindset and decision.

"So what is going to make me achieve and succeed, especially when it gets tough?"
Your most powerful WHY is your success rocket fuel. It’s a critical component to succeeding at individual, team or organisational level. Understand it. Harness it fully.

"We get told to set smart goals and the results will come....they will won't they?"
Smart goals are s%*t! It’s ‘systemisation’ that guarantees the outcome, not some wish statement. Become obsessive on the 'machine' itself and not the destination point.

"So what tends to separate, or be the difference, between achievers and the rest?"
Taking ‘systemised’ action or overcoming barriers to action is when success and achievement truly occurs. Procrastination? Over-analysing? These paralyse success!

"My head and my mind and everyone around me, still doubts that I can do this?"
Limiting beliefs you hold are like weeds in a garden. They restrict growth and they will suffocate progress. Recognise and treat them and you can do incredible things.

"So is it just about seven steps or strategies, is it really that easy?"
Discipline is a core foundation to success. In business and in life. It's easy to form. It's also easy to break. Mastering the ‘easy-ness’ conundrum is what success demands.

"I can try to succeed once, is it really possible to sustain it again and again?"
Refining, reviewing and incrementally improving the sequence is when consistent success is achieved. The desire and understanding to repeat and improve is critical.

About Steve....

Well I was recently labelled as a leading authority and speaker on what it takes to achieve ‘success’ in business as well as life generally and just as importantly, how to sustain it. Quite a nice compliment I guess but I suppose I did spend a decade or more researching this topic!   Look, I speak about a seven step sequence, something I eventually called the SUCCESS Code® and I try to provides my audiences with the insight, understanding and ‘secrets’ of what the most successful people on the planet are doing every day that the vast majority of us are not.  Just as importantly, I’m passionate about sharing these insights and strategies to enable the achievement of the business or commercial objectives, goals or targets you have individually, as a team or the wider business.  I want to unlock the SUCCESS Code® for you!

In the past year or so, I have been the keynote speaker in several countries and as you may have guessed, my passion for sharing how to ‘unlock’ sustained success and achievement has contributed to some bold, fast and sustained change in a number of teams and organisations.  In the results achieved. In the growth of the People involved and in the style and basis of the Leadership that leads.

‘Three brown envelopes’, ‘Systemisation’ and ‘Compounding Habit’ are just some of the core principles (or Code Blocks) that I talk about as foundational principles of the SUCCESS Code® itself.

Although speaking is my passion, I also like to write and I have written two best-selling books on this theme of success and achievement, including my latest book, Unlocking the Success Code®: The 7 Step Process to Succeed in Life and Work!

In terms of my career, well over the past three decades, I have held a number of executive positions across several industries (and countries) including banking, telecoms and private equity. I have the bumps and bruises from a wide and varied leadership career!

I stepped away from the corporate world in 2018 to concentrate on writing and speaking about the SUCCESS Code® and I was then invited to share my research and studies into the subject of ‘success excellence’ with Harvard!

The challenges to deliver and succeed in business are ever more demanding.  It can be as equally challenging to find the success and fulfilment we seek on a personal level.  I hope I get the opportunity to bring my passion, energy, insight and context to your stage soon – creating an engagement that transforms mindsets and the understanding of what it takes to win, achieve and succeed consistently. At work and also in life!

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Let Steve help you 'unlock your success'.
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